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1030. PHP Development Master Award Preview

The PHP Classes site completed 21 years of age and is now launching a new initiative called PHP Development Master Award that will distinguish developers that publish great tutorials about their own packages.

Developers like yourself that participe in this initiative can also win nice prizes like the original PHP elePHPant to be delivered to your address if you win the award.

You may also have the option to personalize it with a logo of your own choice like your PHP User Group, your own PHP project or some other logo that makes to use to personalize the elePHPant.

Read this article or watch the video in the article with a preview of this initiative to learn more details and how you can participate.

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871. Site Server Down Time Expected During Server Move

The PHP Classes site is going to be moved to a brand new server during this weekend.

This post is just a notice just in case you are concerned that you are not able to access it during the migration.

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821. ElePHPants 2019 and the PHP Marketplace for PHP Developers - A New Era for PHP Developers is Starting

Today many great news are being announced for PHP developers that want to be happy developing PHP code and creating their own PHP products or services for sale.

Read this article and watch a short video to learn about the great news.

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663. PHP Classes 2018 Renewal Site Improvements and Feedback

The PHP Classes site has been through many changes in the last year. My personal life has also changed. My time is scarce. I need all PHP Classes site users help to keep it alive and working well.

Read the article below to learn what you can do help, like giving feedback about the current plans or suggestions to improve the current features.

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586. 18 Years of PHP Classes Helping Developers to Have Recognition and Be Independent

The PHP Classes site completed 18 years of age. Nowadays it is much more than it used to be when it started.

It started as a place where PHP developers could get recognition for their work but soon it will be also a place where developers can start learning how to create their own businesses based on software products they will develop.

Read this article to learn about the present and the future of PHP Classes now that it has reached its adult age.

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481. PHP Modern Practices Latest Evolution Steps

For the last years PHP has gone through a great evolution steps, not just in terms of the language itself, but also in the practices that the developers that write PHP code apply to do their job.

Some of those evolution steps are very well known, but others only recently are having noticeable consequences.

Read this article to learn more about the recent modern practices that have been helping the lives of PHP developers, as well something cool you can expect for the near future.

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409. PHP Classes Completed 17 Years: A New Type of Classes

The PHP Classes site has just completed 17 years of age. It is a long time for a site that continues to evolve to serve better its users.

The big news this year is about a new project that is being launched in a separate site that aims to help other developers to learn what to do to create their own software product businesses.

Read this article to learn about the latest developments in PHP Classes,] as well the new project about creating software product businesses.

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372. How to Win a Big PHP ElePHPant Plush Mascott Every Month and Innovation Award Certificates?

Lately the PHP Classes site has been listening to many class authors about improvements that they wanted to see in the site.

Some of them would like to be able to buy the elePHPant plush mascot. So starting this month they will be able to earn an elePHPant for free for participating in the Innovation Award.

Other requests that were implemented follow here. The article shows also screenshots of the requested improvements:

- Notable packages get more instant exposure to the site users by email and in the site blog
- Simplified package submission with less instructions and forms
- Responsive interface for package submission pages so you can do it from a mobile device with a small screen
- Faster importing of packages from GIT repositories without filling file description and role forms
- How to get more contributors to collaborate in your package development
- Faster package approvals (one day at most)
- Download printable certificates for all past and future Innovation Award nominated packages

Finally, at the end of this article there is an invitation to participate on a new project I am starting.

That project aims to teach and help to all of you developers that want to create your own software businesses working just for themselves on your own software products, from home or anywhere else, anytime you want, without putting up with bosses that make you do boring tasks.

Read this article to learn more about these improvements and how you can participate in the new project.

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352. Quickly Finding the Best PHP Packages Recommended by Other Developers

Sometimes you need to find good recommended PHP components for your needs. However, often you do not find any qualified developer that can give you quick advice.

Usually you resort to search engines or specific sites like PHP Classes or similar sites. The problem is you often find so many components that you would take you a long time to evaluate and determine which one is the best.

Now the PHP Classes site is launching a new feature that combines the accuracy of good developer advice with the speed of good search engines.

Read this article or watch a short tutorial video to learn how you can now quickly find the best PHP packages recommended by other PHP developers.

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291. Get Useful PHP Packages Recommendations Faster

Since last year the PHP Classes site has a section for users to request recommendations for packages that address their specific needs.

The recommendations section has been growing a lot lately but until recently authors could not recommend packages that were not approved in the site. The site just implemented a new feature to overcome this limitation.

Read this article to learn how this feature works and how can authors quickly submit packages that address the users' needs and eventually be nominated for the innovation award faster without waiting for their turn in the approval queue that sometimes gets too long.

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