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The PHPClasses site design contest moved on to a second turn. This article explains how it works and what can you do to help picking the best design for the site.

As you may be aware, in the first turn of the design contest there was no proposal that reached at least 50% of the user votes.

Therefore, a second turn is necessary to pick the winner from the two most voted proposals.

There was a period during which the finalists were able to improve their proposals, eventually following the suggestions from the users that posted their comments.

The resubmission period ended on January 15. The second turn voting period started right after that. It will end at midnight (GMT) of January 31. The final results will be announced after that.

It is now up to you, the users of the site that are concerned with the issue of deciding which is the best of the proposal designs, to help choosing by voting on your preferred design.

To do that, just go on design proposals listing page, click on the View links to take a look at each of the proposals, and vote on which you think is the best.

Many users have commented on the design proposals. Feel free to give your opinion and explain why you prefer one design over the other. That helps other users to pay more attention to all the details and make and well based decision.

So far the discussions have be objective and respectful. Please keep it that way. If somebody disagrees with your opinion, please respect that.

Different people value different types of criteria. Therefore, it is normal that there will never be 100% consensus. So, do not make it a big deal if somebody expresses disagreement with you.

Feel free to post a comment here if you have further questions or want to express you opinion about any detail of the contest.

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1. Thanks - Guilherme Heyse Ribas (2010-01-18 14:29)
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