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The PHP Classes has now a feature that highlights classes that are meant to work in applications used mainly in a specific country. For instance, classes meant to deal with US zip codes, are highlighted as US specific classes.

This is meant to help users that are developing country specific applications to find faster classes that provide solutions that address their country specific problems.

I wish I have provided this distinction before, but since only now it is available, those country specific classes have to be located and flagged manually. I already found some but I am sure that many others were not yet located. Therefore I need your cooperated.

If you have developed and already published a package in the site that is meant to be in applications used mainly in a given country, please login the site, go to your package page, use the edit link to edit your package details and specify the country that the package is meant to be used in.

If your package is specific to more than one country, please do not change the country setting . If you have doubts, please ask me by e-mail .

I am about to finish a special page that will list all packages that are specific to certain countries. It will be announced soon.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Manuel Lemos

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