How to have Access to Multiple Jobs at Top Tech Companies with Indeed Prime

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Many developers dream of working for large companies because that is the their chance to earn big salaries.

However, large companies often resort to specialized recruiting firms to find the right candidates for their jobs.

Read this article to learn about Indeed Prime, which is a specialized recruiting service that many well known big companies use, so you can understand how to have access to those companies top developer jobs.

Simplify your job hunt with Indeed Prime

Prime is a free job application service from Indeed. Signing up is easy. Apply in a few minutes and go live in our exclusive network of top tech shops: Uber, RetailMeNot, Evernote, AMEX, uShip, OpenTable, Capital One, and more.

How you can Meet Great Companies

You can meet companies immediately. Interested employers reach out with salary, position, and equity upfront. Only elite companies are selected for Prime’'s exclusive network, so our job seekers respond affirmatively to 52% of interview requests. And job seekers accept 79% of offers made through Prime.

How Much can You Earn from these Jobs

Get paid well. The average salary offered through Prime for software engineers is $125,000. Plus, you get a $5,000 signing bonus from Indeed.

How Can You Apply to Jobs from Indeed Prime

Apply now at Prime is launched in San Francisco, New York, and Austin. We’re also accepting applications in Atlanta, Boston, D.C., Seattle, L.A., Denver, and Chicago.

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