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Class Author Days
Apple iOS build
Get the version of a iOS build and version codes
By United Kingdom 0
PHP Anti XSS Filter
Remove tags from HTML that may cause XSS attacks
By Germany 0
Map objects to database table records
By Venezuela 1
Package Base
Base classes for implementing a package generator
By France 1
Find HDR images and move to a separate directory
By France 1
PHP AIO Security Class
Filter untrusted data to prevent security issues
By Italy 1

Find HDR images and move to a separate directory
By France 1
PHP WSDL Generator
Generate WSDL from PHP classes code
By Germany 2
PHP Screenshot URL Handler
Manipulate URLs and capture a screenshot of a page
By Pakistan 2
HTTP Abstraction
Parse HTTP requests and parse responses with PSR-7
By Iran 2
PHP Email Validation Quality
Validate email address and compute quality score
By United States 2
PHP Convert Video to GIF
Convert a video file to animated GIF with giflayer
By United States 2
Free Phone Number Verification in PHP
Verify phone numbers of many countries
By United States 2
A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bot
By Germany 2
PHP Geolocation API ipStack Wrapper

Get the geographic location of a site with ipStack
By United States 2
PHP Site Class
Create database driven Web sites
By United States 3
Easy PHP Validation
Validate and fetch request and other value types.
By United States 3
Easy Template
Template engine based on real HTML tag replacement
By United States 3
Very simple page details
Parse and extract Web page information details
By Benin 3
Array Depth
Traverse arrays in depth to perform useful actions
By Benin 3

System for managing a car pooling service
By Morocco 3
CRM, Ticketing system, and employee manangement
By Iran 4
Standalone template engine that compiles into PHP
By Chile 5
Retrieve, transform and process text documents
By Philippines 5
PHP GPX Library
Parser and generator of GPS Exchange files
By Slovak Republic 6

Manage a site for organizing dates between people
By Slovenia 6
Simple Database Abstraction Layer around PDO
By United States 7

Publish content on Web pages with SEO support
By Indonesia 7
PHP CSS Optimize
Optimize CSS files removing redundant data
By Belgium 8
Symfony Task bundle
Schedule task using cron with Symfony
By Sweden 8
Create and manage notes shared between users
By United Kingdom 8
Burge CMF
Framework to publish managed content
By Iran 8
PHP ZIP Handler Class

Create and extract ZIP files with compressed data
By Pakistan 8
Secure PHP Login System
Register and login users using a database via PDO
By India 9

Retrieve, transform and process text documents
By Philippines 9
PHP Mnemonic Secret Path Login

Detect human users telling to click on page places
By Benin 9
PHP Address Autocomplete and Verification
Authenticate and autocomplete street addresses
By United States 10
PHP Convert and Time Difference
Spell the time difference between now and one day
By Pakistan 10
PHP Language Selector class
Get texts for the current language from globals
By Pakistan 10
Generate simulator tools to perform calculations
By France, Metropolitan 11
Aggregate multiple IP addresses in single ranges
By Australia 11
PHP Session Manager
Manage values stored as session variables
By Spain 11
PHP Router
Manage routes and dispatch requests to classes
By Spain 11
PHP Language Code
Get the name of language from code and vice-versa
By Spain 11
Load and save variable values to JSON files
By Spain 11
Get the real user IP address even behind proxies
By Spain 11
PHP HTTP Status Code
Get descriptions of HTTP response status codes
By Spain 11
PHP File
Manipulate files and directories
By Spain 11
PHP Error Handler
Register handler for PHP errors and exceptions
By Spain 11
PHP Data Type
Convert objects to arrays
By Spain 11
Restructure the XML parsing results conveniently
By Russian Federation 11
PHP Cookie
Store and retrieve cookie values
By Spain 11
PHP Asset
Generate HTML to include JavaScript and CSS files
By Spain 11
PHP Look and Say Algorithm
Get the next number with ok and Say algorithm
By Spain 11
Get the MIME type of files from name extension
By Spain 11
Facturae PHP
Generate XML electronic bills paid in Spain
By Spain 11
Unsplash Helper
Display images from
By United Kingdom 11
Chinese Lunar Calendar
Convert Gregorian date to Chinese lunisolar
By United Kingdom 11
Run Golang code from PHP calling its RPC server
By Belarus 11
CodeIgniter GetText
Load locale texts for CodeIgniter applications
By France 11
IRP Classes
Send and receive infrared commands via serial port
By Italy 11
PHP Expressive
Base class for Object Relational Mapping
By Brazil 11
PHP Form Honeypot
Generate and check honeypots in HTML forms
By Switzerland 11
Laravel Account Kit
Authenticate users with Facebook accounts
By Nigeria 11
System Daemon
Start and stop daemon scripts in PHP
By Russian Federation 11
Start and manage parallel threads running classes
By Russian Federation 11
PHP TimeZone City
Get timezone information from a MySQL database
By United Kingdom 11
German bank identification code server
By Germany 11
PHP User Auth System
HTTP authentication using PSR-7 interfaces
By Iran 11
Key-Value Storage
Store and retrieve values on different containers
By Iran 11
General purpose Web development classes
By Iran 11
PHP Alexa Rank Top Domain
Retrieve domains from Alexa top 1 million domains
By United Kingdom 11
abr4xas utilities
General purpose utility classes
By Venezuela 11
PHP Language Selector class

Get texts for the current language from globals
By Pakistan 11
PHP BoilerPlate

Function wrappers around of common class libraries
By Germany 12
PHP Forex Quotes
Get foreign exchange rates quotes for currencies
By United States 13
Apple OS X build
Return OS X version from build number
By United Kingdom 13
PHP Web MVC Framework
MVC framework providing autogenerated MySQL models
By Italy 13
PHP Sodium Compat
Cryptographic functions of libsodium in pure PHP
By United States 13
Fuzzy search of arrays using the Bitap algorithm
By 13

Generate simulator tools to perform calculations
By France, Metropolitan 13
Prime PHP Framework

Implement Web applications using MVC
By 14
curl Master
Send HTTP requests using the curl extension
By United Kingdom 15
PHP DBAL Wrapper
Establish database connections with Doctrine DBAL
By Kenya 15
PHP Pokemon Script

Provides an API to manage a database of Pokemons
By Brazil 15
PHP Similar Text Percentage

Compare two strings to compute a similarity score
By Benin 16
PHP Slim Framework 3 Modular Application

Create modular applications using Slim Framework
By Viet Nam 17
Base MVC Framework
MVC framework to be the base of Web applications
By Brazil 18
PHP Page Cache Output
Store full page output in cache files
By United States 18
Manipulate XML documents using a fluent interface
By Italy 18
PHP Neuron Message transmission
Send messages to neurons using shared memory
By France 18
PHP SysMsg Class

Output application event messages
By Pakistan 18
PHP Email Address Validator

Validate email addresses using checklists
By Italy 19
Simple CRUD with MySQL 2
Output SQL and CRUD forms based on remoteDB class
By Italy 20
PHP OpenSSL Encrypt and Decrypt File
Encrypt and decrypt file data using OpenSSL
By United Kingdom 20
PHP Event Dispatcher Class

Call registered handlers when an event triggers
By Sweden 20
PHP OpenSSL Encrypt and Decrypt File

Encrypt and decrypt file data using OpenSSL
By United Kingdom 20
PHP Cloud Storage Abstraction

Store and retrieve data in multiple cloud services
By Brazil 22
SQL Parse Convert to Tree Array
Build a tree to represent an SQL query
By France 23
Send PM with Yahoo messenger from PHP
Send instant messages to Yahoo messenger users
By Romania 23
IMDB Grabber
Get information about movies and shows from IMDB
By Romania 23
JSON Schema Validator

Validate JSON data using a structure specification
By Pakistan 23
Xoops 2.5
Modular content management publication system
By United States 24
PHP Auto Dealer Format ADF XML Builder
Compose Auto Dealer documents in ADF XML format
By United States 24
Manipulate multibyte text strings as objects
By Canada 24
Swiss Television and Radio Program Guide API

Get the program guides for the SRG TV and Radio
By Switzerland 24
PHP Recursive Folder Scan, Copy, Delete

Process files and directories recursively
By Israel 25
MySQLi Handler Class

Perform common MySQL database queries using MySQLi
By Bangladesh 26
PHP Input Class
Process the current HTTP request values
By Pakistan 27
PHP Password Generator Class Toolbox

Generate, analyze and create hashes of passwords
By Italy 27
PHP SVG Magick Library
Compose vectorial graphics in SVG format
By Armenia 28
PHP Validity Checker
Validate a set of values according to given rules
By Russian Federation 28
PHP Database Fill
Fill records of MySQL tables with test data
By United Kingdom 28
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 28
PHP Input Class

Process the current HTTP request values
By Pakistan 28
PHP Excel HTML Table

Output HTML that Excel can import as spreadsheets
By Mexico 29
PHP Rijndael OpenSSL
Encrypt and decrypt data using Rijndael algorithm
By Spain 30
PHP IP to ASN Mapping
Map IPv4 or IPv6 address to ASN
By United Kingdom 30
Convert a number to Spanish text
By Spain 30
PHP Detect Language of Text Genius
Detects the language of a given text string
By United Kingdom 30
Gender Universal
Detect person gender name in multiple languages
By United Kingdom 30
PHP Detect Gender Latin
Detect a person gender from the name in Latin text
By United Kingdom 30
Detect the gender of name in Cyrillic script
By United Kingdom 30
Detect Gender Hanzi
Detect the gender of name in Hanzi (Kanji) script
By United Kingdom 30
Chinese Master
Detect and convert text in Chinese
By United Kingdom 30
Character Set From String
Identify predominant character set in a string
By United Kingdom 30
Czech Name Declension
Convert Czech nouns and person names
By United Kingdom 30
Letter Composer Multilingual
Generate personal salutations to use in messages
By United Kingdom 30
PHP Season of the Year
Get the names of the seasons in several languages
By United Kingdom 30
PHP Language Info
Get information about a language
By United Kingdom 30
Countries Info
Retrieve country information from MySQL database
By United Kingdom 30
PHP Continent Code to Names
Retrieve the continent names in multiple languages
By United Kingdom 30
Modular Web application development framework
By Belarus 30
Tiny Mailer
Compose and send email messages with mail function
By United Kingdom 30
Unified PHP Playlist
Read playlists of formats asx, m3u, pls, xspf, etc
By Russian Federation 30
PHP Get Locale from CountryCode
Determine locale language from country code
By United Kingdom 30
Name String Order
Get person name and surname from a string
By United Kingdom 30
PHP TimeZones
Retrieve or validate world time zones
By United Kingdom 30
Multibyte Keyword Generator
Extract meta keywords from multi-byte texts
By United Kingdom 30
Language Detector
Detect the preferred language of the user
By United Kingdom 30
PHP Emoji Country Flags
Convert country code to unicode emoji flags
By United Kingdom 30
Extract Name from Email Address
Extract person name from e-mail address header
By United Kingdom 30
MIME mail parser
Parse and extract contents of MIME email message
By United Kingdom 30
Universal PHP Mailer
Compose and send email with attachments and images
By United Kingdom 30
NewWay PHP File Manager
Manage files and directories with AJAX interface
By India 30
DOM Basic
Create DOM documents in pure PHP
By Spain 30