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Class Author Days
Get the different forms of language words
By Russian Federation 1
PHP Identicon

Generate an identicon image for a text string
By Pakistan 2
PHP YouTube Movie Trailers 2018, 2017, 2016 or Any Year
Fetch and show YouTube movie trailers
By India 3
Corcel (Laravel + WordPress)
Use the WordPress backend with any PHP application
By Brazil 3
PHP Telegram CLI Wrapper
Send messages and other commands to Telegram users
By Spain 3
PHP AWS S3 SDK Wrapper
Retrieve and cache AWS S3 files using the SDK
By Spain 3
PHP String Foreach
Process strings as arrays of characters
By Benin 3
PHP Configuration Writer

Generate configuration files as PHP scripts
By Slovenia 3
jlaso GPS
Calculate the distance between geographic points
By Spain 4
PHP Get Console Arguments
Read and parse arguments for command line scripts
By Spain 4
Tradukoj PHP Po File Generator
Convert locale CSV file to PO and send to Tradukoj
By Spain 4
Slim Routing Manager
Read routes from controller class annotations
By Spain 4
jlaso PHP tools
General purpose collection of PHP classes
By Spain 4
PHP Session Count Online Users
Get the number of users that are online in a site
By Indonesia 4
Xoops 2.5
Modular content management publication system
By United States 4
PHP Error and Exception Handling class
Log PHP exceptions, common and fatal errors
By India 4
A framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bot
By Germany 4
Algorithmia PHP

Use the AI services of Algorithmia API
By United States 4
CSV Component for PHP
Reader and writer for CSV files
By Germany 5
AWS SQS Wrapper

Publish and subscribe message queues using AWS SQS
By Viet Nam 5
FFmpeg PHP
Manipulate video files using the ffmpeg program
By Slovak Republic 6
PHP Web MVC Framework
MVC framework providing autogenerated MySQL models
By Italy 6
Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
By Germany 6
Manipulate arrays using a fluent interface
By Germany 6
YII2 PHP Template Render Class

Render templates in any format with YII2 framework
By India 6
PHP MySQL Replication
Client to get MySQL replication events in pure PHP
By Poland 7
PHP SSL Certificate Check
Check SSL certificates validity for given domains
By Hungary 7
PHP SSL Certificate Check

Check SSL certificates validity for given domains
By Hungary 7
PHP Generics
Framework for accessing streams, sockets and logs
By Germany 8
PHP Elastic Search for MySQL
Index and search MySQL records with Elastic Search
By Pakistan 8

Route requests and do database access with MySQLi
By Turkey 8
PHPMailer Bounce Mail Handler
Handle bounced messages in a IMAP mailbox
By Germany 9
PHP Anti XSS Filter
Remove tags from HTML that may cause XSS attacks
By Germany 9
PHP Get Gravatar URL

Get the HTML to show an user image from Gravatar
By Pakistan 9
PHP AWR class
Process text to apply rules to display arabic text
By Iran 10
PHP Format Date and Byte Count

Display timestamps and bytes in a readable form
By Pakistan 10
Speedport Hybrid API
Access and control Speedport Router
By Germany 11
Laravel Valet Linux
Run Laravel environment under a Linux machine
By Uruguay 11
Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
By Russian Federation 11
Laravel Valet Linux

Run Laravel environment under a Linux machine
By Uruguay 11
Modular Web application development framework
By Belarus 12
PHP Route Library
Route requests to registered callback functions
By Egypt 12
ZipFly PHP ZipArchive zip64 Creator

Compress files and create archives in Zip format
By Hungary 12
PHP Benchmark Timer Class
Measure the time that passed within a code section
By Pakistan 13
PHP Simple Cache Library
Access data in different types of cache containers
By Pakistan 13
PHP MIME Type to Extension Detector
Detect the type of a file analyzing its content
By Germany 13
PHP Random User Generator

Generate random data for users from
By Ukraine 13
Pure PHP radius class
Authenticate users with a RADIUS server
By Switzerland 14
HTTP Abstraction
Parse HTTP requests and parse responses with PSR-7
By Iran 14
PHP String Rotate

Rotate strings in different ways
By Benin 14
Apple OS X build
Return OS X version from build number
By United Kingdom 15
Multibyte Keyword Generator
Extract meta keywords from multi-byte texts
By United Kingdom 15
Apple iOS build
Get the version of a iOS build and version codes
By United Kingdom 15
Lumen API PureMVC MultiCore Framework for PHP (multicore version PHP Repository Pattern

Implements repository pattern using Laravel Lumen
By Philippines 15
Generic PHP Named Parameters Function Call
Extract the values of named function parameters
By Benin 16
Standalone template engine that compiles into PHP
By Chile 16
Pure MVC PHP Multicore Framework

MVC framework that implements multiton pattern
By United States 16
Laravel Talk
Manage a multiple user conversation system
By Bangladesh 17
Simple Database Abstraction Layer around PDO
By United States 17
Process files and images uploaded via a form
By France 17
PHP Math Expression Evaluator
Parse and evaluate strings with math expressions
By Russian Federation 17
PHP Reference Variable Debug
Check if a variable is a reference to another one
By Benin 17
PHP Reverse Array or String

Get the reverse of strings and arrays
By Pakistan 17
PHP Country Code to Country Name
Validate country code and get the respective name
By United Kingdom 18

Register hooks and run associated to event actions
By Slovenia 18
Redbox PHP CLI Arguments
Extract command line parameter values
By The Netherlands 19
PHP Base64 Encode File

Encode a file or a string as a base64 data URL
By Turkey 19

Manipulate databases stored in XML files using SQL
By Peru 20
PHP Nuclear Reactor
Asynchronous RESTful API using ReactPHP and PIMF
By Germany 21
Generic PHP Named Parameters Function Call

Extract the values of named function parameters
By Benin 21
PHP Browser OS Detection and Age Guessing
Estimate the age of the browser and OS it runs on
By United Kingdom 22
PHP EU VAT Validation
Validate VAT number using VIES API
By United Kingdom 22
PHP Geo Location by Internet Protocol API
Find the geographical location by remote IP Number
By United States 23
PHP Validation

Validate request values according to given rules
By Pakistan 23
PHP Similar Text Percentage
Compare two strings to compute a similarity score
By Benin 24
Fuzzy search of arrays using the Bitap algorithm
By 24
Quanta CMS

Manage content that works without a database
By Italy 24
PHP Combinatorics

Generate combinations from a set of string values
By Philippines 25
PHP Geo Location by Internet Protocol API

Find the geographical location by remote IP Number
By United States 26
PHP Even Swaps
Implement decision methods using Even Swaps
By Croatia 27
PHP PDF Generator from XML
Generate PDF documents from XML templates
By Italy 27
PHP PDF Generator from XML

Generate PDF documents from XML templates
By Italy 27
PHP Property Preprocessor
Preprocess class variables when they are accessed
By India 28
PHP CSS to Inline Styles
Convert CSS styles into HTML attribute values
By Germany 28
PHP HTML to Text Conversion
Parse HTML and extract text contained in it
By Germany 28
PHP WordPress Hooks and Filters
Handle and triggers actions like WordPress
By Germany 28
Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
By Germany 28
PHP Property Preprocessor

Preprocess class variables when they are accessed
By India 28
Simple Flash Messages
Display message with different CSS frameworks
By Russian Federation 29
PHP AWR class

Process text to apply rules to display arabic text
By Iran 29
PHP Stop Words List
Get stop words for many different languages
By Germany 30
Phonetic Algorithms
Search text matching the sound of words
By Germany 30
PHP Session MySQL Handler
Handler for storing session data in MySQL
By Germany 30
Transliterate non-ASCII characters
By Germany 30
PHP MySQLi Database Backup
Take MySQL database backups generating SQL
By India 30
PHP Paginator
Show pagination links for listings split in pages
By Germany 30
PHP HTML Minify Class
Compress HTML removing unnecessary data
By Germany 30
PHP EMail Check
Validate email addresses using DNS or find typos
By Germany 30
Simple Cache Class
Store cache values in different container types
By Germany 30
Manipulate HTML elements using DOMDocument
By Germany 30