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fanKounter PHP Counter Script
Web page counters are traditional way of showing how popular a page is by the means of elements that appear on a page that show the count of accesses that a page had so far.

This package implements a complex page counter solution to simplify the tracking of page access count in a reliable way that can be used to track the accesses of many pages at once.

It can also show useful statistics for site managers in a private way.
Cloud King PHP SOAP Server
SOAP is a mature protocol to implement Web services based on the exchange of XML messages.

Setting up a server to implement SOAP based Web services is not a simple task.

This package simplifies that task by allowing the customization of the functionality of the SOAP Web services be implemented in an easier way.

It just requires writing simple PHP classes that define how the Web service functions should respond.
Shamir PHP Class
Shamir is an algorithm that can be used to exchange secret data by exchanging encrypted data split in several parts.

This class provides an PHP implementation of the Shamir algorithm, so it can be used to transmit and receive secret data in a secure way.
PHP Class Constructor with Parameters
PHP classes can have constructor functions that are called once a class object is created.

Like other types of functions, constructor functions can have a variable number of parameters.

This class demonstrates how to handle class constructor function calls by storing all the parameters in a way that they can be accessed later, regardless of the number of the parameters that were passed.
PHP Readline Function with Auto-Complete
Sometimes it is necessary to execute commands from the console command line to execute maintenance tasks in the server on which a PHP application is running.

Some of those tasks as run by typing the name of commands and their parameters in the console. For us humans it is hard to remember all the names of the commands their parameter names.

This package can help to remember the command parameters by allowing to type the commands and provide auto-complete aid to help remember the right name of the parameters.
PHP Toolbox
One way to process a large set of data that is stored in an array is to iterate over the array one element at a time and process it.

This package provides a better way to process data in arrays. Instead of processing one element at a time, it processes chunks of multiple elements in each iteration. This way it can do the whole processing in a more efficient way.
PHP Benchmarks
In PHP, there several ways to achieve the same functionality using different types functions.

This package implements a solution to test the speed of execution of different types of functions that can be used for the same purpose.

This way, you can decide which set functions you should use to make your PHP applications faster.
PHP SHA3, SHA512, SHA384, SHA256, SHA224, SHA1, cSHAKE, KMAC, TupleHash, ParallelHash, KangarooTwelve, MarsupilamiFourteen
SHA is a family of algorithms that process a string of data and compute a number called hash.

Hash computing is useful for several purposes. One of the purposes is to be able to check if the hash of a password entered by the user matches the hash of a password stored in a database.

This way, applications do not need to store plain text passwords in a database, which could cause a serious security problem in the case an application database gets stolen by people with bad intentions.

The package provides a pure PHP implementation of many variants of the SHA hashing algorithm family. Using this package you can implement strong data hashing based solutions, regardless of the PHP version that you use in your server.
PHP App Server Tools
Laravel is a popular framework to develop PHP applications. Putting a Laravel project to run requires more steps besides setting up the project files.

This package helps doing other important setup steps like setting up the directory of the application, MySQL database access, the NGinx Web server, the integration with the Envoyer application deployment service and some security steps.
PHP Google Calendar Add Event
Google Calendar is a popular task scheduling application used by many people.

This package provides a simple way to add a scheduled task to Google Calendar by generating a link with all the parameters of the task.

So when the user clicks on that link, the browser goes to a page of Google Calendar to add the task to his calendar.

This way it becomes simple for a site to add tasks to other people calendars on Google Calendar.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.