Paystack PHP Library: Process payments in Africa using the Paystack API

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This package can process payments in Africa using the Paystack API.

It provides a set of classes that can send HTTP requests to the PayStack API to perform several types of operations with payments using the Paystack API.

Currently it can call the Paystack API to perform operations supporting multiple accounts related with:

- Bulk charges
- Charges
- Control panel
- Customers
- Invoices
- Miscellaneous
- Pages
- Plans
- Refunds
- Settlements
- Sub-accounts
- Subscriptions
- Transactions
- Transfer recipients
- Transfers
- Transfers control
- Verifications

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The missing Paystack PHP Library. ___


Paystack Mirror is a clean, simple and fluent php library for paystack payment gateway. This library is birthed out of the fact that i needed something flexible than what is in existance for myself and the php community.

What was wrong with the existing one?

The official paystack library for php is the yabacon/paystack-php on github. It's cool. Supports almost all paystack end-points and some other cool features like a dedicated Fee class, MetaDataBuilder class and Event handler class. Many people have been using the library but i wanted something that can give people freedom over what they do. I wanted something that supports multiple accounts at once. It's why i decided to work on this library.

What is unique about the library?

  1. The conversion of paystack end-points to full fletch extendable php classes.
  2. Supports for multiple accounts
  3. Clean and better event handler class
  4. Fluent Params Builder class
  5. Nigerian money conversion e.g 1k => 1,000 naira and 1,000 naira => 100000 kobo and even (millions(xM), billions(xB), trillions(xT)) to kobo e.t.c.

Server Requirements

> PHP version ^7.1.3 requirement was done intentionally. Reason been that it's safer, better and faster than 5.6 and 7.0. So, if you have been using php version less than that, kindly upgrade before using this library. * php ^7.1.3 * cURL extension enabled * OpenSSL extension enabled

> This library has suppports for all Paystack end-points which we refers to as Actions. _Let's take a look at the available actions._

List of actions groups

Below are actions groups supported by the library in alphabetical order.

  7. PAGES
  8. PLANS

>Note: To see the list of all actions under each action groups available on this library, kindly Click Here.

> Arrangements are on the way to list all of them like the first two above.


composer require coderatio/paystack-mirror


With Single Paystack Account

_Method One_

require 'venodr/autoload.php';

use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\PaystackMirror;
use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Actions\Transactions\ListTransactions;

$queryParams = new ParamsBuilder();
$queryParams->perPage = 10;

$result = PaystackMirror::run($secretKey, new ListTransactions($queryParams));

echo $result->getResponse();

_Method Two_

require 'venodr/autoload.php';

use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\PaystackMirror;
use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Actions\Transactions\ListTransactions;

$queryParams = new ParamsBuilder();
$queryParams->perPage = 10;

$result = PaystackMirror::run($secretKey, ListTransactions::class, $queryParams);

echo $result->getResponse();

_Method Three_

require 'venodr/autoload.php';

use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\PaystackMirror;
use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Actions\Transactions\ListTransactions;

$queryParams = new ParamsBuilder();
$queryParams->perPage = 10;

$result = PaystackMirror::setKey($secretKey)->mirror(new ListTransactions($queryParams));

echo $result->getResponse();

_Method Four_

require 'venodr/autoload.php';

use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\PaystackMirror;
use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Actions\Transactions\ListTransactions;

$queryParams = new ParamsBuilder();
$queryParams->perPage = 10;

$result = PaystackMirror::setKey($secretKey)->mirror(ListTransactions::class, $queryParams);

echo $result->getResponse();

>Notice: By default, ->getResponse() returns a json object. But, you can chain ->asArray() to convert the response to php array or ->asObject() to conver the response to php object at runtime.

With Multiple Paystack Accounts

With this library, you can mirror single action on multiple paystack accounts. This is super cool for multitenants applications or firms with multiple paystack accounts.

Let's see how to do it.

// Let's use ParamsBuilder to build our data to be sent to paystack.

// First account
$firstAccountParams = new ParamsBuilder();
$firstAccountParams->first_name = 'Josiah';
$firstAccountParams->last_name = 'Yahaya';
$firstAccountParams->email = '';
$firstAccountParams->amount = short_naira_to_kobo('25.5k');
$firstAccountParams->reference = PaystackMirror::generateReference();

$firstAccount = new ParamsBuilder();
$firstAccount->key = $firstAccountKey;
$firstAccount->data = $firstAccountParams;

// Second account
$secondAccountParams = new ParamsBuilder();
$secondAccountParams->first_name = 'Ovye';
$secondAccountParams->last_name = 'Yahaya';
$secondAccountParams->email = '';
$secondAccountParams->amount = short_naira_to_kobo('10k');
$secondAccountParams->reference = PaystackMirror::generateReference();

$secondAccount = new ParamsBuilder();
$secondAccount->key = $secondAccountKey;
$secondAccount->data = $firstAccountParams;

$results = PaystackMirror::setAccounts([$firstAccount, $secondAccount])
    ->mirrorMultipleAccountsOn(new InitializeTransaction());
// OR

$results = PaystackMirror::setAccounts([$firstAccount, $secondAccount])

foreach ($results as $result) {
    // Do something with $result.
   // The $result variable holds two main object properties; 
   // $result->account which holds an account key and $result->response which holds the response for an account. 
   // The best thing to do is to dump the $result variable to see what's contain there in.

You can overwrite all the accounts data by providing your params on the action. When that is done, the library will use the parameters supplied on the action for all the accounts instead e.g

    $actionParams = new ParamsBuilder();
    $actionParams->email = '';
    $actionParams->amount = naira_to_kobo('1,000');
    $actionParams->reference = PaystackMirror::generateReference();

    $results = PaystackMirror::setAccounts([$firstAccount, $secondAccount])
        ->mirrorMultipleAccountsOn(new InitializeTransaction($actionParams));
    // OR
    $results = PaystackMirror::setAccounts([$firstAccount, $secondAccount])
            ->mirrorMultipleAccountsOn(InitializeTransaction::class, $actionParams);

>Quick Note: All the query or body params used on paystack api documentation site are all available in this library. The only different is, they must be sent as an array or as ParamBuilder::class object.

Create your action

One good thing about this library is the ability to plug and play actions. You can replace existing actions by creating yours.


use \Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Actions\Action;
use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Services\CurlService;

class MyCustomAction extends Action
    // The paystack endpoint for this action
    protected $url = '';
    public function handle(CurlService $curlService) : void 
        // Use the $curlService to handle this action's request.
        // E.g to send a post request, see below:
        $curlService->post($this->url, $this->getData());

>Please note that $this->data property returns an array. If you want to send parameters as json to paystack, use $this->getData().

Webhook Event Handling

This library ships with a fluent Event handling class to be used at your webhook url set on your paystack dashboard. See example below on how to listen to different events.


use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Events\Event;

// $secretKeys array structure should be like this:
$secretKeys = [
    'test' => 'sk_testxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
    'live' => 'sk_live_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

$eventData = Event::capture()->thenValidate(string $secretKey or array $secretKeys)

// Do something with the $eventData

Create a separate event class

With this library, you can write a separate event class for a single event. For example, the subscription.create event can be created like this:


namespace Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Events;

class SubscriptionCreated implements ActionEvent
    public static function validate($keys): Event
        return Event::capture()->thenValidate($keys)

This can then be used like this:


use Coderatio\PaystackMirror\Events\SubscriptionCreated;

$eventData = SubscriptionCreated::validate($key)->thenGetData();

// Or 

$event = SubscriptionCreated::validate($key)->thenGetEvent();

Here, you can see that we are just implementing the ActionEvent::class interface and extending the Event::class on the ::validate() method.


The library has a few of in-built functionalities to do somethings quicker and better. Let's take a look at them:

1. Nairas to kobo

Since paystack accepts amount in kobo only, there should be a quick way to do that. Below are helper functions to help you out.


// Normal naira amount to kobo
$amount = naira_to_kobo('1000'); // Returns: 100000

// Naira with commas
$amount = naira_to_kobo('1,000'); // Returns: 100000

// Human readable nairas to kobo
$amount = short_naira_to_kobo('2k'); // Returns: 200000

$amount = short_naira_to_kobo('1.5m'); // Returns: 150000000

>Note: The short_naira_to_kobo() helper function, supports only k as thousands, m as millions, b as billions and t as trillions notations.

2. Reference Generator

You can easily generate especially, transaction reference easily by doing this:


use \Coderatio\PaystackMirror\PaystackMirror;

$reference = PaystackMirror::generateReference();


  1. Build a dedicated docs site


composer test

// OR



Correcting a typographical error is a huge a contribution to this project. Do well to do that. You can fork the repo and send pull request or reach out easily to me via twitter here => Josiah Ovye Yahaya.


  1. Josiah O. Yahaya


This project is built and used with GPL.3.0 licence.

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